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As tools have become more readily available and lower cost, we have found over the last year a number of churches moving toward streaming their services.  In fact, many of our churches have chosen BoxCast as their streaming service provider, mainly because it is easy to setup and use and their team is committed to serving the church much the same as we are here at MediaShout, with excellence and a focus on your ministry.  Because we (and they) get a number of questions about the best ways to setup MediaShout with BoxCast, we have decided to work together to create this resource.  Thanks to John Wetzel, Lead Designer at BoxCast, for putting together this helpful content. 

BoxCast + MediaShout

MediaShout is a terrific tool for adding graphics such as lyrics and presentations to your broadcast. Here is how you can set up your workflow to integrate BoxCast and MediaShout (NOTE: Because BoxCast uses the BoxCaster to encode the video there is no need to purchase an additional computer to stream):

Option 1: Video Switcher

The easiest thing to do is to connect your MediaShout computer (Output 2 via HDMI) and video cameras to a video switcher.  From the video switcher, you will send the mixed output feed to your BoxCaster for streaming.  Do note that with this option will you will need someone to produce the live feed at the video switcher.  Below is a diagram of this setup:

Option 2: Capture Card

If your video setup only contains a single camera, you can use a video capture device on your MediaShout computer to bring the video into your presentation.  This will convert the video into a format that the computer needs and that MediaShout can utilize.  This capture device can be an external or internal card. The way it connects to your computer varies, so check with MediaShout for a list of recommended video capture devices.  Then, you can add the Live Video Cue in MediaShout, as well as any lyrics, backgrounds, videos, etc., and output from MediaShout directly to your BoxCaster for streaming.  Below is a diagram of this setup:

BoxCast + MediaShout a Great Combination

You may not be streaming, but are considering it.  You may also be using a free solution right now, but are missing some key features and support.  You may also be using a paid service, but aren’t sure how it compares to BoxCast.  If you are considering using BoxCast with your church presentation software, learn more about how BoxCast Streaming works and get a FREE Streaming Consultation.  We think that it will be a call that will be beneficial to you and your ministry.

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Want to learn more about how to use BoxCast with MediaShout?

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