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The soul of our company is creating tools that help the church and treating customers like family.


MediaShout’s goal is to provide a tool that enhances church services by being able to create presentations faster and in a more creative way. Most importantly, our mission is to take care of you like you’re family! For the last 20 years, these two principles have guided everything we do.


Our history goes way back… actually to the beginning.
MediaShout was the pioneer of church presentation software in 2000.

MediaShout’s roots go back to the 1990s. While working for Josh McDowell and Acquire The Fire, the company’s four founders saw the need for a tool that would help run live worship presentations. The technology was changing and the ability to incorporate media into worship was becoming easier, while churches and other ministries were looking to move away from hymnals and overhead transparencies.

Rather than buy an existing program from the entertainment industry, they decided to write their own worship software, which came to market in March of 2000. The concept was so new, the term Church Presentation Software hadn’t even been coined; these four literally invented the category.

MediaShout quickly found a home among youth pastors. This was the kind of technology and media conduit they needed to make worship more relevant, as well as a way to engage and enlist members of their youth groups. As a result, the program became so successful that we couldn’t produce it fast enough.

20 years later, we are selling our seventh major release and tens of thousands of churches are using MediaShout to add another dimension to their worship. Our offices are located in Nashville, Tennessee, a thriving city that’s home to many faith-based businesses.


Our team is made up of pastors, worship leaders, church volunteers,
and a/v professionals. We understand what you need and are here to help.

President / Owner

Managing any company well requires a lot of spreadsheets, graphs, planning, and constant evaluation of performance indicators. Beyond my textbook duties, I love to serve my team so they can be at their best. I strive to create a healthy culture that is fertile soil for spiritual and professional growth. My joy comes from watching them succeed at serving our customers, glorifying God, and fulfilling our mission.

Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing

As a former youth pastor and lead pastor, it is so encouraging to help others on the front lines of ministry every day.  I enjoy walking the journey with pastors and volunteers and watching their ministries grow.

Administration and Finance

After 30 years in senior management in Christian broadcasting and publishing, working from the outside to get people inside churches, it’s delightful now to step inside and partner with so many great churches to create the best services and events possible.  I truly don’t believe there’s any team more committed to serving churches than the humble group I’ve recently joined at MediaShout.

Director of Product Development
Fulfillment Manager
Senior Customer Service Technician

I love that we have a team that cares about the Church and each other and is passionate about serving our customers the best that we can.

Manager of Sales & Marketing

Being on the front lines, I talk to countless people on the phone every day. It is amazing to hear about all of the different ways MediaShout is being used to build God’s Kingdom! It’s extremely fulfilling to end each week knowing that I helped make a difference for so many people, churches, and communities.

Customer Service Technician

Speaking to several churches a day in a support roll, I see the wide variety of ways MediaShout is being used. As a church volunteer I see the impression left by a professional presentation on regular church members, but also on those first-time visitors. It gives me pleasure to know I may have had a small part in creating an atmosphere our attendees are anxious to come back to over and over again.

Customer Service Technician

As a customer service agent, I love the opportunity to give honor and encouragement to the media pastors, team members, and volunteers that may otherwise go unnoticed. It is an absolute joy to partner with all the wonderful and dedicated people that put in the time and energy to establish an amazing church atmosphere for God to move in.

Senior Customer Service Technician
Quality Assurance Manager

Every day, I get to work alongside some of the most loving, caring, sharing, and generous Christians I’ve ever known. On top of that, the team as a whole gets to help loving and caring Christians from all over the world who are selflessly serving their congregations. It’s a daily cycle that invigorates me.