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With many of the modern technical arts roles, you can turn your presentation into a piece of art. Contemporary presentation software allows you to choose Bible verses from a built-in library with various translations of it, find song lyrics and accompany them with video backgrounds and even manage your presentation through a remote application on your phone. But things are not black and white and even possession of the best worship presentation software does not guarantee you an engaging and high-quality presentation if you ignore the basic rules of creating screen content.

Church Slide Backgrounds

Special interest in church presentations belongs to projecting lyrics. Though this process might be sometimes monotonous and dull, it has a great value for your church members, especially for the newcomers who have not learned your congregation’s worship songs yet. Nowadays putting some lyrics on the top of catchy background is not the limit of presentation skills. There are many more factors that play a crucial role in making a proper presentation. Here ten of them.

  1. Choose a font that is easy to read. The font size must not be too small and not too big. There is no measure for the right font size to use in presentations, as it is dictated by the size of your screen. Make sure that you use the same kind and font size for all your lyrics during the same day of worship. It is preferable to use a serif font, as it does not have any extended features on the ends of the letters. Examples of serif font: Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.
  2. Do not put too much text on the slide. It is always important to take into mind that we project lyrics for people to easily read and be able to follow the song. Do not overload slides with bulks of text. Three to four lines of text is a maximum you can use on one slide.
  3. The color of a text. It is not a secret that a projector’s brightest light is white, so the white text will be more visible on your presentation than the text of any other color.
  4. Write out labels. It is not necessary to write the labels like ‘verse’, ‘chorus’ or ‘repeat’ on lyrics slides. If the line should be sung repeatedly, it is better just to duplicate the slide as many times as it is repeated.
  5. Don’t use too many punctuation marks. Punctuation is excessive in this case. We are sure that all your congregants are aware of your impressive grammar skills, but showing them here just makes the slide look unclean.
  6. Don’t capitalize too much. Only the names of God and pronouns like “I” should be capitalized, as well as the first word of every sentence.
  7. No poor design. The slide with lyrics should not distract attention during the worship. Use some simple and eye-resting background for your lyrics.
  8. Be in time on lyrics. Not being in time on lyrics doesn’t give the best impression. The rule of thumb, in this case, is that as soon as a worship leader is singing the next to the last word on the slide, change to the next slide.
  9. Show only media content. Sometimes it is very disturbing when a cursor, desktop background or another program appears on the screen during the presentation. It can give the impression of careless preparation.
  10. Follow the worship leader. Sometimes he can somehow change the original version or repeat some parts in a different way.  Try to be prepared to make changes on the spot.

Following these 10 tips will help you create clear and easy to perceive worship song slides that will encourage your church congregation to sing with you.