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What’s new in MediaShout 6?

We’ve made some major leaps forward with our latest church presentation software.

Inline editor tool

No other church presentation software includes an inline editor. Now you can edit cues and slides from the preview window, eliminating the need to open another window just to edit.

Simplified interface

MediaShout 6 was redesigned to be simpler and more intuitive to use. This includes a responsive ribbon bar, inline editor, and theme options. We believe it is the best interface available.

Lyric use reporting tool

This powerful tool allows you to easily generate exportable reports that show which songs were used during services for a given date range. The exported file can then be used to properly report your usage.

Built-in liturgy manager

You can now manage liturgy content as easily as you can song lyrics or Bible verses. This special tool includes features to easily handle call and response text, as well as save them for reuse later.

Dual Bibles tool

After choosing the Bible reference you want to display, you can select two different translations that will automatically be shown side-by-side. This is great for teaching situations or for multi-lingual audiences.

Light or dark theme

You can now select either a light or dark theme to the MediaShout interface control. This gives you the ability to adjust to the surrounding light to make MediaShout easier to view.

Triple-wide support

MediaShout 6 supports multi-display set ups. You can control what shows up on each display or spread content over all outputs (up to 3). There is no additional fee for this feature in MediaShout 6.

Display masking

You can hide or show only certain parts of your display using simple-shaped masks or more complex masks. This makes MediaShout 6 great for use in Environmental Projection setups.

Overhauled web object

MediaShout 6’s new Web Cue allows you to easily open and navigate a web page right within MediaShout. Using a brand new web engine not available in previous versions of MediaShout, the Web Cue will let you put in a URL, add it as a Cue to your script, and then navigate the page once it is fired on your main screen.

Spanish software translation

The MediaShout 6 interface has been translated for use in the Spanish language. All menus, buttons, and instructions have been translated for ease of use. More languages options are coming soon.

New print options

You now have control over printing from MediaShout 6. You can change the size and number of columns per page, how many lines of notes to include, or whether to include thumbnails, and more.

VJ mode tool

The new VJ Mode tool provides the ability to organize and play images or videos on-the-fly, allowing you to replace your backgrounds in realtime without affecting the text or other content on screen.

Start making stellar presentations

Give your church the best presentations with MediaShout 6. Compare MediaShout 6 to other church presentation software and see how easy it is to start presenting your sermons and worship services with the most robust church software on the planet: Check out our options online, or give us a call at (888) 829-7168.