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Introduction to

MediaShout 7

Introduction to MediaShout 7 will explore the primary features and tools present in this powerfully simple worship presentation software. Regardless of whether you are completely new to MediaShout (or ministry software in general) or you are a power user with years of experience, this quick walk through will give you the understanding needed to dive into your own exploration of this exciting new resource.

What’s Different in MediaShout 7?

Whenever a new version of anything is released, we all have the same basic questions:

– What new features are there?
– How different is it than what I’m used to?
– How long will this take to learn?
– Why do I need this?

In this webinar we will demonstrate the latest advances that are unique to MediaShout 7 and highlight where it differs from its predecessor—MediaShout 6. Uniquely designed for those already familiar with MediaShout software, this webinar will also illustrate where the learning curve will be, and why it’ll be worth your while to invest in the upgrade.