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Twitter is a great tool for real-time interaction and information. And MediaShout 6 makes incorporating Twitter into your services a breeze. Your media team can search by hashtag or keyword, approve the tweets you want (avoiding any awkward moments), and then present those tweets on your main display.

Not sure why a church would want to use Twitter during a service? Here five scenarios where Twitter can add a next-level element.

1. Sermon hashtags

Let’s say you’re doing a sermon series on evangelism. During the first sermon, you challenge your congregation to share the gospel with someone during the week. You can encourage them to tweet about the experience using a hashtag like #SharingJesus. During the next sermon, you can call up that hashtag and talk through some of their experiences as a congregation.

If you use hashtags strategically, you get another opportunity for weekly encouragement. Not only are your regular Twitter users motivating each other throughout the week, but referencing their example during your message also inspires people in the pews.

2. Event hashtags

Think of all the events your church puts on:

  • Outreaches
  • Fundraisers
  • Youth events
  • Classes

If you designate a specific hashtag for various events, people can tweet funny, uplifting, or celebratory things as they happen. And on Sunday morning during announcements, you don’t have to talk about those events in generalities. You can call up that hashtag and share fun or inspiring tweets about them.

3. Illustrating the cultural climate

Imagine that you really want to capture the cultural climate around a particular social issue, current event, or topic. Twitter can be a great tool for that kind of research. It’s so immediate that you can be sure you’re getting a completely up-to-the-minute glimpse at how the culture interprets, understands, or feels about a subject.

Because tweets are so brief, you can use a number of interesting ones in your sermon without feeling like you’re overdoing it. It’s an incredibly helpful way to incorporate specific examples when you’re illustrating how the culture views an issue.

If you’re a Twitter user yourself, you can crowdsource by asking your followers specific questions, and their responses will be easy to access in a single thread.

4. Access a church or pastor’s feed

It could be that you discover that someone like John Piper has been tweeting on a subject you’re preaching on. Instead of trying to adapt what he said into your message, why not pull up his feed and let him drive home your point home? Adding this kind of an element to the service keeps people engaged and interested.

With so many well-known pastors, speakers, authors, and churches on Twitter’s platform, you can always find a trustworthy Twitter feed that will augment your message with a little tech-sparkle.

5. Use it for questions

Sometimes you might want to leave time at the end of a complex or provocative message to field questions. Twitter can be a phenomenal tool for facilitating this kind of exchange.

Let your church know that you’re going to leave some time at the end to field questions. Give them a hashtag they can use to tweet them in, and then put that hashtag on the bottom of your slides so they don’t forget. As tweets come in, your tech person can choose a few of the best ones for you to respond to.

Give it a try!

These are just five ways that you can use Twitter to increase your engagement. If you regularly use Twitter in your service, leave us a comment and let us know how.

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself (along with the rest of MediaShout 6’s incredible features), try a 30-day free trial!

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