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When it comes to investing in a presentation software, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are a number of options and many of them set themselves apart with unique features and elements. Let’s look at two of the biggest contenders in the presentation game with a MediaShout vs. ProPresenter face-off!

We’ll be weighing some of the differences between the MediaShout 6 and ProPresenter 6. Both of these options are available on Mac and Windows platforms. They also both have:

  • Twitter integration
  • PowerPoint playback
  • Scheduled playback

Let’s look at a couple of areas that set them apart:

Live Sunday Support

If you’ve been in church leadership for any length of time, you know the panic that comes with a pre-worship technology problem that seems to come out of nowhere. Being able to get live help when you need it is priceless.

MediaShout 6: Never fear! MediaShout is there when you need them. Their support is available six days a week!

  • Phone support for Plus Members: Monday–Friday, 10am–6pm ET
  • Sunday Live Chat (Coming March 2019 for Plus Members):  9am-11am ET
  • Email support: Available all week.

ProPresenter 6: ProPresenter is available to help you on weekdays only by scheduling a call. Unfortunately, that means there’s nobody ready to answer when something goes wrong throughout the week or Sunday morning.

Bible Versions

One of the most important things any church is going to use presentation software for is sharing Scripture. Most Christian gatherings are biblically centered: you read from the Bible, you reference passages in sermons, and you might even use the Psalms to call people to worship. Having the right Bible version available in your church presentation software is a must.

MediaShout 6: MediaShout offers 69 free public domain Bible options. This includes favorites like the NIV (2011), ESV, NLT, NKJV, The Message, and The Voice. But it also has Bibles available in Spanish, German, and 14 more translations.

ProPresenter 6: There are 46 free Bibles available in ProPresenter. You can also purchase 21 other translations for $15 a piece.

Included Lyrics

The next thing you’re going to want to know is how easy it is to get your worship song lyrics into your presentation. Both platforms integrate with SongSelect to seamlessly import copyrighted material. They both include a number of public domain lyrics bundled with the software to help in creating presentations.

MediaShout 6: If you quickly want to include a hymn or public domain worship song into your service, MediaShout has you covered with more than 2,500 songs.

ProPresenter 6: You’ll end up jumping out to SongSelect more often; ProPresenter includes less than 200 public domain songs.

Liturgy Management

It’s not just the contemporary churches who are looking for presentation options. There are a lot of liturgically focused churches who would like to put a presentation solution to work for them. Do either of these options make it easier for these churches?

MediaShout 6: If liturgy is an important element of your services, MediaShout’s liturgy manager has you covered. From adding easy call and response text, to changing the headers, fonts, colors, etc. independently for each specific reader, MediaShout gives you a way to build and save those liturgies for use and reuse.

ProPresenter 6: Not available

Cloud Integration

People aren’t always working on presentations while they’re at the church. They need an intuitive way to pass files back and forth. Which options allow you to sync in the cloud?

MediaShout 6: With Dropbox integration, MediaShout lets you stay connected to the cloud—even if you’re using a free Dropbox account.

ProPresenter 6: Cloud integration is available within ProPresenter 6 starting at $6 a month.

Multi-Screen Capabilities

One of the best things about presentation software is the ability to run different screens. Maybe you have two screens up for your church and you want one to have the song lyrics and another to run an animation, or perhaps you have a monitor with the notes for the worship team.

MediaShout 6: Multiple screens are a breeze for MediaShout! Whether it is running a Stage Display for your Praise Team or Pastor or complex Environmental Projection with Masking, MediaShout can handle it.  And it is all included as part of the program.

ProPresenter 6: ProPresenter can do Stage Display as well very easily.  But if you want to get into the Environmental or complex configurations, it’s going to cost you an extra $199 per computer.

Customizable Viewers

If you’ve run presentations for a while, you know how difficult it can be to have a static control screen. Depending on what you’re doing, you might want to see different slides or views.

MediaShout 6: The power’s in your hands with MediaShout. You can choose from 8 different view options and can show up to 4 different viewers on your control screen. And, if you have another monitor connected, you can put 4 more floating viewers on that feed for a Video Director or Producer to view.

Propresenter 6: You can toggle between the Main Live Feed and the Stage Live Feed and you can only see one at a time.

Inline Editing

A lot of churches graduating to a presentation software from PowerPoint are looking for something that’s as easy to use. They’re put off by having to bounce around between editing and presentation screens. Which software makes inline editing easiest?

MediaShout 6: You’re not going to find another church presentation software with an inline editor like Mediashout’s. You can edit cues and slides right from the preview window!

ProPresenter 6: ProPresenter has a limited text editor that you can open up quickly, but to really make changes to your slide, you have to go into full edit mode which is a completely different layout and screen.

Dual Bibles

What if you want to compare different Bible passages or translations? Do either solutions offer something like this?

MediaShout 6: Absolutely. All you have to do is choose a reference you want to display, and then select a second version. They’ll both be displayed side-by-side.

ProPresenter 6: Not available

Copyright License Reporting

Every two and a half years churches need to report their song usage to CCLI. Since you’re using a presentation software to display these songs, wouldn’t it be great if it auto-generated a CCLI report for you?

MediaShout 6: Creating a CCLI report for songs you’ve done within any date range takes moments.

ProPresenter 6: ProPresenter will give you a report of lyrics that you have downloaded from SongSelect, but does not include lyrics you have added yourself, when you played them, or how many times you played them.

Volunteer Mode

What if your church cannot always count on a tech-certified person at a service to run the presentation? A lot of presentation softwares feel complicated and overwhelming to volunteers who would otherwise want to help. Do either solutions offer a volunteer-friendly interface?

MediaShout 6: MediaShout’s Volunteer Mode makes it simple and stress-free for anyone to run a presentation. They’re given exactly what they need, the ability to run the presentation. They don’t have access to edit settings or content. (So they don’t have to worry about messing anything up.)

ProPresenter 6: Not available


Both MediaShout 6 and ProPresenter 6 have price points of $399, but that’s a little misleading. When you factor in the extra money ProPresenter charges for extra Bibles ($15 ea.), cloud integration ($72–$480/year), and multi-screen support ($199 per computer), you can see that MediaShout is a much better deal.

Want to see how MediaShout holds up to other church presentation software options on the market? Check out this breakdown from MinistryAdvice.

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