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My pastor asked me to dust off a responsive reading we did for a Good Friday service a couple years ago. The congregation really connected with it, and he wanted to do it again. I was happy to oblige, but wasn’t sure where to find it. Was it in my document folder at home? On my laptop? At the church? I didn’t have a clue. I eventually found it in an old email exchange.

For churches that aren’t liturgical but occasionally include elements like corporate prayers and responsive readings, there aren’t a lot of simple ways to organize them. Since a lot of people contribute various parts to a worship service, these elements can end up spread out all over the place.

With MediaShout 6’s Liturgy Manager, you can keep these non-musical pieces as organized and accessible as your worship lyrics. And since you’re using MediaShout 6 to display these elements, cataloging them doesn’t require any extra steps.

The Liturgy Manager

liturgy manager

Fig. 1

I’m going to show you how simple the Liturgy Manager with a responsive reading I wrote for Good Friday. I simply start a new script and choose Liturgy from the Insert Elements drop-down menu. (Fig. 1)

Once the Insert Liturgy window opens, I have the choice between using an existing liturgy or creating a new one. Since I already have some responsive readings organized under a Psalm grouping, I’m going to add a special Good Friday group to help me keep all my readings better organized.

Liturgy Manageer

Fig. 2

I click on the Add Group button menu and write in “Good Friday.” Now I can add my new reading to the library by clicking Add Liturgy under my Good Friday listing and typing in my new reading’s title and clicking the plus sign. (Fig. 2)

It’s now ready for my reading to be entered. In the center of the Insert Liturgy page text, I can write or copy+paste the words to my reading into text boxes. Each page represents a slide.

Liturgy Manager

Fig. 3

By simply adding the leader’s text into the top section and the congregational response into the bottom section, I’ve created the slide. Click the Add Page button to add another slide. (Fig. 3)

Once I’m finished, the reading gets added to my collection of liturgies and organized by whatever grouping I choose. This makes it easy to find later. Then all I need to do is choose a template for my slides, insert the reading into my script for Sunday morning, and then organize it with the other elements for your service. (Fig. 4)

Liturgy manager

Fig. 4

From start to finish, the whole process take minutes—and I never have to worry about where that reading is ever again.

Built with the church in mind

The Liturgy Manager is one of many features that demonstrates how MediaShout 6 is built specifically with the church in mind. It’s not only a tool for creating stunning presentations. It becomes an important member of your service planning team, organizing and offering you access to all your worship elements when you need them.

If you’re interested in how a church-centric presentation software can make your life easier, take a test drive of MediaShout 6. Whether your church uses Windows or Mac, you can get a free trial of MediaShout 6 for 30 days. Download it now!

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