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Getting Started

This section will give you all the information you need on how to install MediaShout and be up and running quickly.

Installation and Setup

User Interface

This section will cover all the details of the user interface, so that you can configure MediaShout 6 to your liking.

Control Screen Ribbon (Basics) Ribbon (Advanced) Settings Dialog

Scripts and Cues

Trying to figure out how to setup that presentation? This section gives you all the finer points of building your presentation.

Scripts Cues Inline Editor Cue Templates

Working with Media in a Cue

In this section, you learn all about inserting and editing lyrics, scripture, images, videos, audio, and so much more!

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Liturgies are new in MediaShout 6. Liturgies are stored in the Liturgy Library.


Adding a Liturgy to the Library


To create a new Liturgy and add it to the library, do the following:

  1. On the Home tab, click Insert Elements > Liturgy. The Insert Liturgy pop-up window opens.
  2. Under Liturgy Library, click Add Liturgy.
  3. Type a descriptive title for the new Liturgy then click +. The new liturgy is added to the list and page 1 opens in the center column.
  4. To add text to the page, enter the text for the leader in the top section, then enter the congregation response text in the bottom section. As you type, the content is saved to the library.
  5. To add additional pages, click Add Page.
  6. When finished adding pages, click Insert to create a new Liturgy cue.


Deleting a Liturgy from the Library


To delete a Liturgy from the Library, follow these steps:

Warning: this permanently deletes the Liturgy from the Library. This cannot be undone.

  1. On the Home tab, click Insert Element > Liturgy to launch the Insert Liturgy pop-up window.
  2. In the left column, select the liturgy from the list.
  3. Click the red X to permanently delete it. 


Editing a Liturgy


Liturgies in the library can be edited including changing the text, adding or removing pages, changing the template, and changing the page order.

To edit a liturgy, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home tab, click Insert Elements > Liturgy. The insert Liturgy pop-up window appears.
  2. Click the Liturgy you want to edit in the list in the left column. All pages appear in the center column.


  • Edit the pages in the center column. When you change the text it is saved to the library. 
  • Click Add Page at the bottom of the center column to add a new page to the liturgy then type the new content. Use the preview in the right column to see what the page looks like. 
  • You can change the template or page order in the right column. Select new template from the gallery. The default template is denoted by a thumbtack icon.
  • When finished editing, click Insert to insert the edited Liturgy cue into the script. Or to replace an existing Liturgy cue, select Insert to Selected Cue before clicking Insert

Liturgies can also be edited in the Inline Editor however, those changes are not automatically saved to the library. In the Script Area, Liturgy cues that are different than the copy in the library show a yellow triangle. See Edit a Cue for more information about cue notifications. 


Organizing the Liturgy Library


You can organize your library by creating and assigning groups to your liturgies. When a group name is clicked, only the liturgies assigned to that group show in the list. 

  • To create a group, in the Insert Liturgy pop-up window, click Add Group, enter a name, then click +. You can create any number of groups.
  • To assign a group to an existing liturgy, select the liturgy from the list. Click the drop-down list in the Group column and select a group. A liturgy can belong to more than one group.
  • To add a new liturgy to a group, select the group from the list. Click Add Liturgy, type the name of the new liturgy then click +. Click the liturgy in the list to add content.
  • To delete a group, click the red X.


Working with the Liturgy text areas


Each Liturgy is made up of four text boxes:

  • Leader label
  • Leader text
  • Congregation label
  • Congregation text

The label names can be changed using controls in the Cue Options group on the Home tab. 

To hide the labels, highlight the cue in the Script Area, then on the Home tab, click Cue and Page Options and clear Show Labels.


Changing the font formatting


The label and text areas can each have their own font formatting. To change the formatting, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Liturgy cue in the Inline Editor.
  2. Highlight any one of the four text boxes.
  3. Change the font formatting using the text tools in the Formatting group on the Home tab.
  4. Click Apply to CueThe same text box on all pages in that liturgy cue will update to match the new formatting, but the other label and text areas will not be changed.


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