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When you work in a church, it is sometimes challenging to have enough time, resources and money for everything that is needed. Fortunately, there are lots of places where you can find free worship media for your church presentations. Some of the media producers release new media every month and some offer free packs as soon as they are available. Sometimes, you need to make a plan as this media can be accessed for free only for a limited period. Nevertheless, it’s a great opportunity to enhance your media library with quality content from some amazing resources. Here are 15 of them that we recommend.

Free motion backgrounds for church presentation and free church media from church-centric brands

MediaShout free media library

In addition to the powerful MediaShout Church Worship Software has a growing library of free church media resources. Signing up for the  free MediaShout library, you get access to the newest media resources as well as to a catalog with everything we have made so far. Social media stills, free worship backgrounds, pre-service stills, countdown videos, and sermon backgrounds are presented on our website. We also post free media every Friday on our Facebook page.

Shift Worship

Being one of the pioneers of media for churches, Shift Worship offers its annual members access to a collection of content released in the past and new media added weekly including still and motion backgrounds, worship countdowns, sermon titles, graphics for social media, church videos and mini-movies. You can check out their free content on the website to see if it something that would benefit your ministry.

Church motion graphics

Its website gained popularity because of a growing Facebook community and regularly released high-quality free worship backgrounds (both still and motion). The team at CMG is innovative in their creativity and release free motion backgrounds every month. You can also download photoshop templates for announcement slides, stock photos, and layer graphics.

Steelehouse Media

To get free motion backgrounds from Steelehouse Media, all you need to do is sign up for their mailing list. Unfortunately, the possibilities of getting free content from their site otherwise are quite limited as you can choose only one motion from a small section.

Igniter Media

The designers of Igniter Media produce Igniter Originals – high-quality mini-movies your church can use as transitions, sermon illustrations videos, etc. among other graphics and backgrounds. By signing up for their mailing list you can get 10 motion backgrounds for free without having to purchase anything else.

Dan Stevers

Famous for addressing challenging topics through their creative mini-movies, and animations, Dan Stevers allows you to get some of its content for free just by signing up. It includes motion worship graphics, countdown videos, sermon introduction videos, free worship backgrounds, and even animation packs to create your animations.

Free stock footage, free worship backgrounds and more

Church Media Drop

Church Media Drop has tons of free content including audio and video files, logos, mini-movies, games with instruction and printouts, motion worship backgrounds and sermon series. All these materials have been collected in Church Media Drop thanks to churches’ and artists’ initiative to share their works with other churches for free.

Seeds Resources

Seeds Resources is Church on the Move’s cache of free resources which they graciously decided to share with other churches. They offer themed series of music files, mini-movies, graphics and images, media for kids and students. Just search for a topic and find out what do they have.

Visual Church Media

Visual Church Media has a large collection of media available as a subscription service. However, you can also sign up as a free member  and access a lot of free resources without having to pay.

Freely Photos

The media on Freely Photos is specifically church-oriented. They offer different categories of stock photos like holiday-specific media, Bible study, church life, etc. The process of search is very easy: just type a keyword or a category you are interested in and it will provide you with a lot of great results.


More than 50,000 contributors offer their top-quality and high-resolution images, and thousands more are added every day on Unsplash. There are lots of opportunities to find something for your presentation but be careful not to pick one that your congregation has already seen somewhere, as the site is quite popular in the church and non-church world.


Pexels is a well-organized collection of free stock images and is very popular among bloggers. Though it’s not as popular as Unsplash, it does provide video stock footage, which the other one doesn’t.

Barn Images

Being launched by two photographers, Barn Images is a collection of unique high-quality photographs that you won’t find elsewhere. Fresh images of nature, people, buildings, etc. are added every week.

Flickr Creative Commons

You are allowed to use and modify the images from millions of stock photos by Flickr Creative Commons for free, as long as you use photos that don’t require attribution (CC0).


Pablo (a tool by Buffer) has allowed designers to create more than 600,000 images. They also are designed to work easily building graphics for your social media networks – you can choose the size, format of the images, create the visuals, share them across all platforms and analyze with Buffer’s analytics to make sure they perform properly.

Start building your library of free motion graphics and free motion backgrounds
Using just a simple block of text will convey a message, but using media with it will enhance it so that your congregation will remember the message. We are excited to help you and your team get the message seen and heard through our presentation software and free media resources. The only thing you need to do is get started.