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Ever finish building a script with your favorite church presentation software and still have that “something is missing” feeling? The content is there, but it just needs something to make it pop off the screen. To add visual interest. To give it a wow factor.

We’d like you to meet our friend, motion graphics.

Why Should I Use Motion Graphics in My Presentations?

Engaging a congregation can be hard. Whether motion graphics are added to your Sunday morning countdown or even placed behind a lyric display, they can breathe new life into any worship presentation. And if done right—motion graphics don’t have to be distracting. They can bring even more focus + attention to what you have on screen.


How Can I Add Motion Graphics in MediaShout?

No big hairy files, no converting – just two simple ways to make the motion happen. Using the “change background” button in MediaShout or in any other church presentation software, you can easily select where the file is stored on your computer, upload it, and immediately use it as a background. An even faster method is dragging and dropping the motion file onto the slide you’d like to see it on. Boom. Cue a beautiful waterfall display behind your “Oceans” lyrics.


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Where Can I Find Quality Motion Graphics?

Convinced you want to bring your worship presentations to the next level? Don’t want to sort through a data dump after you type “Motion Graphics Downloads” into Google? We get it.

Simple and engaging motion graphics are easy to find… if you know where to find them. MediaShout makes it easy at our online media store, where our staff + customer’s favorite church motion graphics are curated just for you. MediaShout Plus members enjoy these motion downloads—provided by Playback Media—with their membership.

Beyond our store, there are quite a few other sites that offer free trials as well as free-motion bundles. Some of our favorites include: Shift Worship, Church Motion Graphics, Dan Stevers, Centerline New Media, and WorshipHouse Media.

Motion graphics don’t have to be fancy or an over-the-top distraction. Simple and beautiful movement behind your slides can accomplish grabbing the attention you’ve hoped for. Use these tips to start adding motion graphics to your worship presentations today.

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