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Image Files of various different formats can be inserted into MediaShout 7. These Images can be used as Backgrounds using the Layers Tab->Backgrounds button or as media objects layered into the Page by using the Insert Media Object icon in the Main Ribbon. Images that are set as a Background, will appear behind all Pages of the Cue. Images that are set as Objects will appear only on the Page they are inserted.

You can also insert Image Objects by dragging and dropping from the available files in the Library Tab. The Library Tab is populated from a specific folder set in the Settings Menu. Any Image Files within that folder will appear on the Library Tab->Images Tab.

You can also crop any Image Object that is inserted into the Edit Area. To crop an image, select the image in the Edit Area and click the Crop Button in the Edit Ribbon above the Edit Area. Adjust the crop and click Apply to crop it.

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