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One of the many tools available to engage people during your church services is screen presentations. Studies have shown how visual presentations impact what we experience, recall, and share with others. And this is true in the church, too. Your worship presentation has a powerful effect on your church attendees and you want to make sure that this impact is positive.

With a vast array of Church Presentation Software options, how do you know which one to use? Based on years of talking with churches, we believe there are five factors that should play into your decision (and as a note, each church will approach each of these differently):


Churches know that they have to be good stewards of their resources. They have congregants who have given to the church and trust their leadership to make wise decisions around how that money is spent. The last thing a church wants to do is waste money. We recommend looking at the entire picture when purchasing and see if there are additional costs involved. For instance, when comparing Worship Software, look at what is included with the standard purchase. Do you need to purchase add-on modules, extra activations, Bibles, or other pieces to make the software do what you want? And don’t forget about the hardware involved. Do you have a computer that can run the software? This is one of the most common mistakes that churches make when it comes to purchasing presentation software. Make sure you find a solution that matches what you have (or are capable of purchasing if you need to spend additional money).


You are going to spend your limited time building your presentations and the last thing you need is for them to crash. You want a Worship Presentation Software that is solid and stable so that you don’t lose any of your hard work. Additionally, you want software that, in those rare cases when you do have an issue, auto-saves your work.


Your software should have the features you need and match your expectations. If you have a lot of experience and knowledge on the Mac platform and you choose a Mac Church Presentation Software, that software should match your expectations and experience of other software on the Mac platform. If a program has lots of features but it doesn’t make sense, then it is lacking in usability and you will become very frustrated trying to learn a different system than you are used to. Additionally, you want software that has features that focus on the church. Having tools that make building and presenting scripts easy for your service is critical. Find a system that simplifies the task.

Easy to learn and train

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have a lot of time to learn your Worship Software. In our experience, we see most churches using only 30-40% of what their Worship Software can do. Most of the time, this is not because they don’t need the other features, but instead haven’t had the time to learn everything they can do with the software. Your software should be fairly simple to sit down and learn and share with others on your team. Additionally, you want to make sure you have extensive training materials in various forms to help yourself and your team. These could be in the form of written user guides, training videos, webinars, guided live training, and more.

Help when you need it

You can have the best software in the world that matches all of the above four points, but if you don’t have the support you need, when you feel lost and frustrated when something goes wrong (or at least not like you expect). Having easy access to your Worship Software’s support team (phone, email, social media, etc.) as well as to a community of users (forums, Facebook, etc.) that are willing to help can make all the difference. Make sure you understand what your software includes.

In conclusion

We believe these are the core questions you should ask when choosing the right Church Presentation Software for your church. They also guide how we plan, develop, improve, and even sell MediaShout. We invite you to learn more about us and to try MediaShout yourself for free for 30 days.

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