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You picked up MediaShout 4 because you’re interested in creating powerful and engaging worship presentations, and we’re committed to helping you do just that.

What you might not realize is that MediaShout 4 was released seven years ago—that’s a lifetime in software years! You won’t believe the game-changing updates and improvements that we’ve baked into MediaShout 6.

While you might be tempted to stick with what you know, we wanted to show you some of the new and updated features that will make you jump at the chance to move to version 6.

Here are a number of ways MediaShout 6 will improve your congregation’s worship experience, while making your life easier.

1. Edit your presentation from the Preview screen

It never fails; you always notice that pesky typo at the last minute. But jumping out of the preview screen to fix it in another panel is a pain. Depending on how much is going on, you might even wonder if this particular typo is enough of a showstopper to warrant the effort.

With MediaShout 6, making an edit is a cinch. You can fix that typo right from the preview screen. In fact, you can change cues and slide content from the same screen, too!

This isn’t simply a difference between MediaShout 6 and earlier versions. This amazing feature sets MediaShout 6 apart from every other church presentation software—yes, that includes ProPresenter and EasyWorship.

2. Take advantage of 17 new Bibles

MediaShout 4 came bundled with 50 Bibles that you can use to create slides for sermons and worship services. With MediaShout 6, the number of free Bibles goes up to 67. That’s 17 new Bibles that you don’t have to purchase separately!

3. Find your way around a lot easier

The interface of MediaShout 6 got a huge upgrade. Everything is laid out in front of you in a way that just makes sense. It’s clean, simple, and completely intuitive. With its responsive ribbon bar, you’ll find it reminiscent of many programs you use regularly.

While this does mean that you’ll have to get used to a new interface, you’re going to be thankful you did. It’s easier to find your way around and you’ll be thankful for the time you save putting presentations together—and teaching new team members how to use it will be a breeze!

4. Compare two Bibles side-by-side

An understanding of how biblical passages are approached in different translations can really help a congregation understand the Bible better. With MediaShout 6, comparing Bible translations is as easy as choosing the verse you want to display and then selecting a second Bible. The verse from the two translations will be shown side-by-side.

Not only do our MediaShout 6–using pastors love using this feature to highlight the differences in Bibles, but they also appreciate being able to show the same passage in multiple languages simultaneously.

5. Report to CCLI with ease

As you know, every 2.5 years, you have to report all of the songs your church has sung in a six-month period to CCLI. Keeping track of this information is a daunting task.

MediaShout 6 not only keeps track of all the music you use, but you can also create a report for any date range. This report can be downloaded in a file format that can be sent straight to CCLI—easy peasy.

6. Toggle between English, Español, Français (and more on the way)

If you’re a Spanish church, a bilingual church, or share your building with a Spanish church, you can’t afford to pass on version 6. MediaShout allows you to toggle the program’s entire interface between English and Español. You can also choose French!

You read that right. Everything including all the menus, buttons, and instructions can be instantly translated into Spanish or French with a simple change in the language menu.

7. Manage liturgies as easily as lyrics

Many liturgical churches are looking for smart presentation options, and MediaShout 6 offers them. The Liturgy Manager makes creating liturgy presentations as easy as song lyric presentations. Call-and-response texts are a lot simpler to present, and they’re stored in a database so they’re incredibly easy to re-use.

This is another feature that’s completely unique to MediaShout 6, setting it apart from the competition.

8. Control your individual animations and transitions

For MediaShout 4 users, this is huge leap forward. You can take control of individual transitions and animations. With MediaShout 6, you can manage the objects on a page and animate its entrance or exit with a simple touch of the space bar.

9. Mask elements of your display

Our new display masking tool lets you hide or show only certain parts of your display. (This really comes in handy if you’re doing environmental projections.)

10. Choose between dark and light MediaShout interfaces

With MediaShout 6, you have two interface options. The default is a light theme which lends itself to a bright working environment. The dark theme is perfect for low-light environments. This is the kind of attention-to-detail that makes MediaShout 6 a great choice for churches that want to keep their volunteers happy.

11. Customize your printing options

You now have control over printing from MediaShout 6. You can change the size and number of columns per page, how many lines of notes to include, or whether to include thumbnails. Plus an option to leave room to write handwritten notes.

12. Move over to Mac

When you purchased MediaShout 4, it was only available for Windows. If your team has transitioned to Mac since then—or would like to—a full-featured MediaShout 6 is available for Mac!

It’s time to get MediaShout 6

Now that you’ve seen what MediaShout 6 can do for you, why put off moving to the new version any longer?

If you’re ready to put these features to work for you so that you can create more amazing presentations with less work, you can get it online, or call our incredible sales team to walk you through the process: 888.829.7168

Try MediaShout 6 for free!

MediaShout 6 is the best presentation software for churches. Try it out for free to start building stellar presentations.