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It’s not a secret that we often judge a book by its cover. Though such an approach can’t be called the right one, it remains an inalienable part of human nature. Whether you’re working on the aesthetics of the church or creating your slides in your church presentation software, all of us want to make a good first impression. Domed ceilings, stained-glass windows, and murals have been used to bring special value to the place of worship and to inspire congregants. But like everything in this world, the church doesn’t stay still. And nowadays graceful architecture sometimes has been replaced by pretty simple decorating ideas.

Church stage design is the first thing that captures attention upon entering a church. So, it’s important to ensure that your church stage design enhances the mission of your church, attracts new attendees and leaves a lasting impression.

Church stage design is definitely not the same across the board. Depending on the budget, sermon topics, and congregational culture, every church chooses a design specific to their church and atmosphere.

Here are some simple church stage design ideas.


Small Church Stage Design Ideas

Small church stage design ideas


Lighting is the most eye-catching attribute of the stage. Even if you are running out of space, you can create different designs, effects and try various colors to change the mood of the room. Emphasize sections of the stage using different types of light bulbs with warmer or cooler lighting. You can even hire a specialist who will elaborate on a special lighting design for your church.

Wooden Panels

The big idea is always simple. One budget-friendly and aesthetic way to make an eye-catching design for your church is to order wooden panels. The size of the panels depends on the size of your stage but the largest panel spread usually is one by two by eight.


Such design brings you multiple options. You can paint panels in different colors, cut them into various designs, add some lights or typography or just leave them as-is.

Corrugated Plastic

The popularity of this material can be easily explained by its durability, flexibility, and low cost. You can reuse it multiple times, cutting it into different shapes and using various colors. The coroplast is always accompanied by lighting as it easily reflects it and makes the stage look beautiful.


Screens are another stunning option for those of us on a budget. This option brings multiple choices. Everything depends on the kind of media you put on display (different worship backgrounds, sermon presentations, worship presentations, etc.). You can adapt your media to any sermon or holiday.


Something as simple as adding a new church motion background can make a big impact. To get started creating new stage design ideas using screens, try the latest version of MediaShout 7 for free!


This design is as old as the hills, but the influence of new trends has brought new designs to this budget-friendly decorating method. The possibilities are endless via different colors, materials, and sizes. Just have a look and choose the one that reflects your congregation.


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DIY: Church Stage Design

DIY Church Stage Design Idea

Backdrop Banners

These provide a portable and quick way to promote an upcoming sermon topic, conference, etc. You can order a pre-made design or opt for something special. The price varies depending on the size and graphics. The approximate price for a banner is around $400.

String Art Installation

A relatively new trend gaining in popularity is string art installation. Aside from looking good, it has another important advantage. You can do it yourself. All you need is wood, colored yarn, nails, and wood stain.


Youtube and your church volunteers will definitely come in handy when using this approach to create your church stage design on a budget.

PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes can be cut and arranged in any motif or color. Use them to create an image, words, or just a conceptual pattern. The material is also very affordable, so church stage design and decorations can be created with minimal expense.

Origami Stage Design

Origami stage design is a modern and elegant way to enhance the look of your church stage. Even if you are on a limited budget, you can reuse some old materials, cutting them to shape and adding some lighting. A great example to look for is Casa de Adoración Jabes who showed great use of Coroplast at their congregation’s 13th Anniversary Conference.


Using balloons has become very popular. You can see a wide variety of different designs on birthday celebrations and holidays, so why not use them on your church stage? Though not a long-lasting design, balloons definitely account for an affordable church stage design decoration.


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Church Stage Design on Christmas

Church Stage Design on Christmas

Create an exceptional holiday atmosphere with good stage decorations.

Christmas Trees


Nativity Story

Falling Stars

Christmas Living Room


Decorate the stage with the main attributes of Christmas.


Multiple options are possible like putting a background on a screen, string art, origami stage design, balloons, or wooden panels. Add some lights to foster a festive environment.


These are some of our simple church stage decoration ideas and of course, you can add some of your own. What are some of your favorite church design ideas? Share in the comments below!

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