MediaShout Version 4.5, b290

December 17, 2012

MediaShout Version 4.5, build 290 has recently been released as an update for existing users.

To install this update on a MediaShout computer with Internet connection, open MediaShout and go to 'Help > Check for Updates'. The 'Check for Updates' feature is included to keep you up to date in case you miss any of our update emails and forum posts.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet and you need to download from another location, you can download directly using the link below.

Updates & Fixes Include:

  • Addresses a critical security update for Windows 8 users.
  • Updated file names when exporting to graphic: Cue Number - Cue Name - Subcue Number.
  • Song Deck automatically sorts alphabetically by title instead of Song ID.
  • Decks aren't updated after modifying a template in Cue Editor.
  • Compatible with MediaShout Remote.
A complete list of fixes can be found here.

We have had several users report installation & C++ errors when updating to recent builds without completing all recommended Windows Updates. Please make sure your recommended Windows Updates have all been installed. If you do run into issues after installing, please refer to this article for instruction on repairing your installation.

After updating an old build of MediaShout you may experience an error that indicates a file is missing. We've only seen this occur when the previously installed build was very old ( older than b186). Please see this article for instructions on fixing this issue.

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