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Dsan PerfectCue Micro Remote


Need a MediaShout remote control? The industry-leading Dsan PerfectCue Micro, with its bright green laser pointer, delivers remote presentation control at ranges up to 300 feet. The receiver has two completely programmable outputs allowing you to drive two computers with one remote. The Dsan PerfectCue Micro comes with a transmitter with green laser, receiver, two USB cables, and its own carrying case.

Before using the Dsan PerfectCue Micro remote control with MediaShout, you must configure it to send the appropriate keystrokes that MediaShout uses to advance the cues. This process is very easy, but it will require you to download and install the programming software. This device will work on both Windows and Mac OS, but does require Windows OS to program. If you would like for us to pre-program the remote for you, please call us to place this order and let us know which version of MediaShout you want it programmed for.

If you have an iOS device, you may also want to check out our Remote App. You can purchase the iOS Remote App through the App Store and can find more information on getting started with the iOS Remote App in our Knowledge Base.

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