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Getting Started

This section will give you all the information you need on how to install MediaShout and be up and running quickly.

Installation and Setup

User Interface

This section will cover all the details of the user interface, so that you can configure MediaShout 6 to your liking.

Control Screen Ribbon (Basics) Ribbon (Advanced) Settings Dialog

Scripts and Cues

Trying to figure out how to setup that presentation? This section gives you all the finer points of building your presentation.

Scripts Cues Inline Editor Cue Templates

Working with Media in a Cue

In this section, you learn all about inserting and editing lyrics, scripture, images, videos, audio, and so much more!

Lyrics Lyric Library Bibles Text Elements Objects

Select a Cue Template

Select a Cue Template

A cue template is a file containing a set of preferred cue properties and settings. The program copies these settings to a cue when it is created, saving you from having to format the cue manually. A template can also be applied to an existing cue. In this case, the program changes the formatting, settings, and Other Object content of the cue to match those of the template.


WARNING: Applying (or re-applying) a template to an existing cue replaces the settings, pagination, properties, and all Other Object content of the existing cue with those of the selected template.



Selecting a template when creating a cue


The default template for the chosen cue type will be used unless you select a different template. To select a template when creating a cue, choose one from the list of templates in the Insert pop-up window.


Applying a template to an existing cue


Applying a template to an existing cue overwrites everything in the cue except the Main Object content.

Tip: If you don't like the new template, click Undo (on the Quick Access Toolbar) to undo the changes.

To apply a template to an existing cue, follow these steps:

  1. Open the cue in the Inline Editor.
  2. On the Templates tab in the Main Template group, select a template from the list.
  3. Double-click the template to apply it to the cue.


  • In the template gallery, the default template shows a thumbtack icon, the current template shows a red title bar.
  • To edit a template for the stage view of the cue, click Edit Stage. Click Edit Main to exit.
  • To select a template for Twitter cues, click Edit Twitter. Select a template, then click Edit Twitter again to toggle off. You can also select a template when approving Tweets.
  • For instructions on editing templates for Twitter cues, see Create a Cue Template.


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