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Getting Started

This section will give you all the information you need on how to install MediaShout and be up and running quickly.

Installation and Setup

User Interface

This section will cover all the details of the user interface, so that you can configure MediaShout 6 to your liking.

Control Screen Ribbon (Basics) Ribbon (Advanced) Settings Dialog

Scripts and Cues

Trying to figure out how to setup that presentation? This section gives you all the finer points of building your presentation.

Scripts Cues Inline Editor Cue Templates

Working with Media in a Cue

In this section, you learn all about inserting and editing lyrics, scripture, images, videos, audio, and so much more!

Lyrics Lyric Library Bibles Elements Text Objects

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing MediaShout 6. Use this guide to get started with your software.


Installation and activation


Automated activation of MediaShout 6 requires direct access to the internet.

If you are upgrading from MediaShout 5.x on Windows or MediaShout 1.x on Mac, you will be prompted for your license code during activation. The code can be found in MediaShout 5.x on Windows or MediaShout 1.x on Mac under Tools > License Manager.

Note: Once your old license code is used to activate the MediaShout 6 upgrade, the license code will be marked as inactive and cannot be used to install MediaShout 5.x for Windows or MediaShout 1.x for Mac on any other computers. However, all previously activated copies of version 5.x using that license code will continue to work normally.


Upgrading additional activations and site licenses


Each standard purchase of a MediaShout 6 license code allows for activation on up to three computers unless you purchase (or have previously purchased with another version) additional activations or a site license.

If you are upgrading from MediaShout 5.x for Windows or MediaShout 1.x for Mac and purchased additional activations or a site license, the license(s) will automatically transfer to MediaShout 6. 

If you are coming directly from MediaShout 4.x for Windows (or older) and had additional activations or a site license, please contact us at support@mediashout.com with the old license code and we will apply the additional activations or site license to MediaShout 6.

See License Manager for license deactivation and troubleshooting information.


Setting up the displays


MediaShout works in Single Screen (Overlay Mode), Dual Screen, and Triple Screen modes.  To fully utilize Dual and Triple screen modes, your computer needs two or three discrete video outputs, respectively. You can use either a single dedicated video card with multiple outputs (recommended), multiple dedicated video cards with outputs, or a USB video adapter to supplement a missing output from a video card.

See the help topic, Display Settings for detailed setup instructions.

The Stage Display requires an extra display adapter provided by an additional internal video card or external USB graphics adapter. More information about this feature and how to buy the necessary hardware can be found on our website.




Visit MediaShout Training for short videos on learning to work with MediaShout 6.


Free media


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Online support community: http://support.mediashout.com/

Email support: support@mediashout.com


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