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How many computers can I install MediaShout on?

When you purchase MediaShout 6, your license will allow you to install and activate it on up to three different computers. We also offer single additional licenses or a site license. If you need additional licenses for your campus or have questions about your existing license, please have your license code handy and contact us at (888) 829-7168 for pricing and more information.

Is there an annual fee for using MediaShout, or any type of subscription cost?

No. When you buy MediaShout, it’s yours. There is no annual fee, or any subscription costs. We do not charge for tech support either on the current version (older versions may have fee-based support).

Can you invoice my church, or can we pay by check?

You can pay by credit card, debit card, or by PayPal. You can also mail us a check and you order will be fulfilled once we receive it and it clears (please contact our team first to get the exact dollar amount with taxes and shipping). We do require full payment before we deliver our software to you, so we are unable to invoice churches.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. We do not offer any returns. We recommend downloading the free trial of the software to test it before you buy. If you had a disc shipped to you, and it does not work, we will replace it. Additionally, all our computer bundles have limited warranties serviced by MediaComplete and Dell.

Do you have a free trial version of your software?

Yes we do! You can try MediaShout free for 30 days.The trial is a fully functioning copy of MediaShout, with the exception that it only includes the King James Version of the Bible. Once you purchase a license code, then you will be granted full access to the full list of Bibles we include with every purchase.  Please be aware that all sales are final.


What Bibles are included with MediaShout?

MediaShout 6 comes with over 60 versions of the Bible, completely free! Get the full list of current Bibles.

Can you give me a quick overview of MediaShout's basic workflow?

The best way to get started working with MediaShout is to watch our free training videos and pay careful attention to the short videos under the Introduction and Basics of MediaShout 6 sections. If you prefer written instructions, check out our User Guide. Finally, you can always call our team with a question or two. We also offer a paid training option where we will go in-depth with you and your team to help you get the most out of MediaShout 6.

We're thinking about moving to MediaShout from PowerPoint. Is there a steep learning curve?

MediaShout has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. You will find some very familiar tools compared with PowerPoint. It will be a change, but most users are able to pick up the basics very quickly.  MediaShout also supports playback of PPT and PPTX files on Windows using PowerPoint 2010.  Playback may be possible with Office 2013 / 2016 / 365, but is not supported or recommended.  Playback is not possible on Mac OSX.

What is an upgrade, and what is an update?

Updates to our software are released every few weeks to months (depending on the depth of the bug fixes and new features). Users who purchase MediaShout have access to all updates for that version for free. So, if you have an active license for MediaShout Version 6, updates to V6.1, V6.2, etc, will be free to you.

Upgrades are major releases that represent big improvement and change in both appearance and functionality. Users of MediaShout can purchase upgrades for a significant discount off the regular full version price. So, if you have an active license for MediaShout Version 5, you can upgrade to MediaShout Version 6 for a significant discount.

How often does MediaShout release a new full version?

While our free updates come out pretty regularly, the major version releases are more rare. We don’t have an official timeline for a new release, but looking at historical evidence, we release a new major version between 3-4 years.

What third-party tools does MediaShout integrate with?

MediaShout integrates with a number of different tools from other organizations to make the most of the software. These include:

  • CCLI’s SongSelect, which allows you to import lyrics from their database
  • Planning Center Online, which allows you to import lyrics and service schedules (no attachments or media are imported)
  • Dropbox, which allows you to save and open scripts, cues, and media and sync them to your cloud account without leaving MediaShout
  • Twitter, which allows you to search for and display tweets through MediaShout
  • iTunes, which allows you to play audio playlist created in iTunes directly in MediaShout

More integrations are being worked on, so check our Features Page for the latest updates on these.

Can I activate MediaShout for Mac using my MediaShout for PC license?

No. Although scripts and files are cross-platform compatible between both operating systems, MediaShout 6 for Mac and MediaShout 6 for PC have two separate license codes and are sold separately and function independently of one another. However, since the licensing is separate, we offer a discounted MediaShout 6 Windows & Mac Combo, which includes a $500 Site License for $100, giving you unlimited activations for both Windows & Mac Versions.


How do I set up my external display?

You can connect your computer to your video system in a number of ways.  Take a look at this article that walks through the most common setups.  For advanced setups, we recommend contacting a local AV Integrator who can help with your setup.

What is Stage Display, and what hardware do I need if I want to use that feature?

Stage display is an additional display of song lyrics, Bible verses or text for your stage team in an easier-to-read format. MediaShout will automatically utilize foreground text or your own custom content and display full screen over black background for maximum clarity. You can also provide the first line of text of the upcoming page to this monitor as well as a countdown timer and custom messages.

Your computer will need at least 3 discrete display outputs in order to use stage display. The best way to accomplish this is with a single video card with at least 3 discrete outputs.

What kind of computer should I buy?

MediaShout 6 is designed to run well on many modern higher-end computers. There are a few specific components you want to pay special attention to. A full list of minimum requirements and recommended requirements are found in our Knowledge Base.


What kind of technical support do you offer?

Phone support is available to customers who purchased in the last 30-days, and to MediaShout Plus Members only. Ticketing System, Knowledge Base Articles, and Community Forum are all available 24/7 as well as Live Chat when available during business hours.

Is there a charge for technical support?

The Ticketing System, Knowledge Base Articles, and Community Forum are all available 24/7 as well as Live Chat during business hours, is free for all users. Phone support is available to customers who purchased in the last 30-days, and to MediaShout Plus Members only. For training on using the program, we recommend our free online videos, the User Guide, and Community Forums or the optional USB drive with specialized training videos. Additionally, we provide paid phone training for the software as well as working on non-MediaShout related issues (ex. Windows Updates).

If you are using an older non-supported version, there may be a charge. Please see our Knowledge Base for the latest information on support of our products.


Where can I find specific support information on MediaShout 6 for Windows or Mac?

MediaShout 6 has an regularly updated FAQ for both Windows and Mac versions.  Visit the links below to access those additional questions not answered here:

MediaShout 6 for Windows

MediaShout 6 for Mac