How many computers can I install MediaShout on? Show Answer
When you purchase MediaShout 5, your license will work on up to three computers. We offer additional licenses and site licenses. If you need additional licenses for your campus, you can contact us at 888.829.7168 for pricing and more information.
What Bibles are included with MediaShout? Show Answer
MediaShout 5 comes with 66 versions of the Bible, completely free!

American Standard Version
Amplifed Bible
Bible in Basic English
Common English Bible
Contemporary English Version
Darby's English Translation
Douay-Rheims Version
English Standard Version 2011
Geneva Bible
Good News Translation
Hebrew Names Version
Holman Christian Standard Bible
International Standard Version (NT only)
King James Version
Literal Translation of the Holy Bible
Modern King James Version
New American Standard, 1995 Update
New Century Version
New English Translation
New International Reader's Version
New International Version 2011
New King James Version
New Living Translation, second edition
New Revised Standard Version
Revised Standard Version (with Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical Books)
The Message
Today's New International Version
Webster Bible
Weymouth New Testament in Modern Speech
World English Bible
Young's Literal Translation

Las Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua (1999)
Versión Reina-Valera (1909)
La Biblia de las Américas
Nueva Versión Internacíonal

Ang Biblia (Cebuano)
Chinese Union Version, Simplified
Chinese Union Version, Traditional
Korean Bible

Afrikaans Ou Vertaling 1953 (Afrikaans)
Biblia Cornilescu (Romanian)
Biblia Sacra Vulgata (Latin)
Biblija (prijevod Ivana Šari?a) (Croatian)
Dansk Bibelen 1933 (Danish)
De Bijbel in de Statenvertaling (Dutch)
Die Luther Bibel (German)
La Bibbia Riveduta Luzzi 1925 (Italian)
La Bible, Version J. N. Darby (French)
Norsk Bibelen 1930 (Norwegian)
Svenska Bibleln 1917 (Swedish)
Russian Synodal Version (Russian)
Version de Louis Segond (French)
Versâo de Joâo Ferreira de Almeida (Portuguese)
Versione uf?ciale della CEI (Italian)
Greek NT: Byzantine/Majority Text (2000)
Greek NT: Textus Receptus (1550/1894)
Greek NT: Tischendorf 8th Ed.
Greek NT: Westcott/Hort, UBS4 Variants
Greek OT: Septuagint, LXX Accented
Greek OT: Septuagint, LXX Unaccented
Hebrew Names Version
Hebrew OT: Aleppo Codex
Hebrew OT: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (consonants)
Hebrew OT: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (vowels)
Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex (all marks)
Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex (consonants)
Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex (vowels)Greek NT: Byzantine/Majority Text (2000)
Is there an annual fee for using MediaShout, or any type of subscription cost? Show Answer
No, when you buy MediaShout, it's yours. There is no annual fee, or any subscription costs. We do not charge for tech support either.
Can you invoice my church, or can we pay by check? Show Answer
Unfortunately, we require full payment before we deliver our software to you, so we can't invoice churches. You can pay by credit card, or by PayPal. You can also mail us a check, and we will create your order when the check clears.
What is your return policy? Show Answer
We offer a 30-day return policy. If you're unsatisfied with MediaShout, you can return it within 30 days for your money back, less shipping and handling if applicable. We are not able to offer returns on hardware purchases.
Do you have a free trial version of your software? Show Answer
Of course we do! Click on the free trial link at the top of this page, and try MediaShout for 30 days today. The trial is a fully functioning copy of MediaShout, but it does not come with all 65 versions of the Bible, or any of the free media. Those are only included for customers who purchase MediaShout.


Can you give me a quick overview of MediaShout's basic workflow? Show Answer
MediaShout’s terminology is a little different than what many people are used to, so we suggest you start with the basics. You will want to know the layout of MediaShout because this will allow you to navigate the software with ease. A basic knowledge with the primary elements will help you avoid feeling as though this program is complicated. Once you get the basics it is a very simple program.

We refer to content as a "cue." So MediaShout uses lyric cues, Bible cues, image cues, video cues, etc.

All of the cues you will use are found in the "decks" on the left side of your screen.
In the center of your screen is what we call the script. You'll drag and drop cues into the script in order to build your service.

In order to start playing your presentation, you'll just double-click on the first cue you want to display. From there, you can double-click on any cue to play it at any time, or you can hit the spacebar to go to whatever cue is next.

On the right side of the screen you have your viewers, where you will see what your audience sees, as well as be able to preview any number of things from within MediaShout.

The software is full of great features, we'd encourage you to try the trial version for yourself and see what you can do.
We're thinking about moving to MediaShout from PowerPoint. Is there a steep learning curve? Show Answer
We've designed MediaShout to be as intuitive as possible. It will be a change from PowerPoint, but most users are able to pick up the basics very quickly. You can even import your PowerPoint slides and play them directly through MediaShout.
What is an upgrade, and what is an update? Show Answer
Updates to our software are released monthly, and include bug fixes, new features, and other minor tweaks. Users who purchase MediaShout have access to all updates for that version for free. So if you have MediaShout v4, if we update to v4.1, v4.5, v4.7, etc, you will receive that update free.

Upgrades are major releases that represent big improvement and change in both appearance and functionality. Users of MediaShout can purchase upgrades for a significant discount off the regular full version price.
How often does MediaShout release a new full version? Show Answer
While our free updates come out generally every month, a full version upgrade is more rare. We don't have an official timeline for full version upgrades. We always announce the upcoming release of a new major product many months in advance. Customers who wish to upgrade to the new version are able to do that at a significant discount off the regular full version price.
How does MediaShout integrate with Planning Center Online? Show Answer
MediaShout 5 now makes it possible to view your plans and import or link song lyrics directly from Planning Center Online. Your PCO plans can be found inside the Song Deck inside of MediaShout.
How does MediaShout integrate with CCLI's SongSelect? Show Answer
The new SongSelect integration allows you to search for songs and import them using MediaShout's Song Deck, without the need for additional web browsers.
Can I activate MediaShout for Mac using my MediaShout for PC license? Show Answer
No, the two programs are sold separately and function independently of one another. As a result, the licensing is separate. We do offer the option to "crossgrade" to Mac for a reduced price.


What is Stage Display, and what hardware do I need if I want to use that feature? Show Answer
Stage display is an additional display of song lyrics, Bible verses or text for your stage team. This way, the pastor, worship leader, choir director or anyone else on stage can see a customized display made just for them. MediaShout will automatically utilize foreground text or your own custom content and display full screen over black background for maximum clarity.

Your computer will need a 3rd unique display output in order to use stage display. You can either add another internal video card, or use a USB to VGA adapter.
What kind of computer should I buy? Show Answer
MediaShout 5 is designed to run well on many modern computers. There are a few specific components you want to pay special attention to. Here is a full list of minimum requirements:
Windows 8, 7
Intel Core 2Duo @ 2.5 GHz, equivalent or better
Multiple Video Cards or Dual-Head Video Card (DirectX 9+)


What kind of technical support do you offer? Show Answer
Users of MediaShout have access to our telephone support agents Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM Central time. Our online ticketing and troubleshooting system is available 24/7, and we have an active user forum where you can also find answers.
How do I set-up my external display? Show Answer
MediaShout works best when your computer is in extended desktop mode. This way, you can see the control screen at your computer while the audience sees the presentation you want them to see. You can change your system to extended desktop mode in the display settings in the control panel of your PC.
Is there a charge for technical support? Show Answer
There is no cost for tech support, we offer it free to all users.
Need Help Getting Started? Check Out MediaShout Training