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FX (Effects)

When selected on an Object in the Edit Area, you can click the FX icon in the Edit Ribbon above the Edit Area to apply additional special effects. These can be as simple as a basic Outline or as complex as setting a Text Box Background color with Opacity so that your text shows well against the background.

To use an effect, click the name on the left in the window to select the effect. Then on the right side, adjust as you need. You will see the effects update live in the Edit Area as you make the changes, so no need to Apply until you are satisfied with the look and are ready to close the FX Window. Pro Tip: if you aren’t seeing an FX change like you think it should, then check to make sure the effect’s Opacity setting isn’t set to 0 (invisible).

The different effects will vary depending on what type of object you have selected, so try playing with the effects by selecting different objects.

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